Les is More Coaching

With over 23 years experience in sales, business development, and sales training, business coach Les Hill is an expert at helping people create positive results in their professional lives.  Since 2005, Les has been training businesspeople and other coaches.  His unshakeable commitment is to help clients “transform the world through communication.”

Through sessions with Les, clients will learn to communicate clearly by being intentional.  Clear non-verbal communication cues, such as eye contact, using intentional language, being present in the conversation, and being connected to surroundings really make a profound difference.

Minneapolis, MN 55415 USA


line-by-line Investigations

line-by-line investigations was designed to correct accounts plus uncover savings by discovering discrepancies in accounts (i.e. commingling of funds, fraud, and embezzlement); compiling supportive financial documents for litigation; and restructuring vendor contracts, business procedures, and loans to increase profits for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

North Branch, MN 55056 USA