Food for His Children

Food for His Children (FFHC) envisions individuals, families and communities becoming all God created them to be and teaching others to do the same. FFHC serves over 200 families in 8 communities in Karatu, Tanzania.

Through the provision of a dairy goat and training in agriculture, animal husbandry, entrepreneurship, and savings groups, families are able to help themselves out of extreme poverty and are equipped to provide for their family’s basic needs and work toward their goals. They learn their strengths and gifts, learn to see the resources around them and understand how they can all be used together for the benefit of their family and community.  FFHC walks alongside them in this journey, building relationships along the way.

We GIVE GOAT- providing the Gift of the gospel and a goat, Opportunity for growth and loving others, Application of what they have learned and watch the Transformation of lives and communities!

P.O. Box 722
Forest Lake, MN 55025 USA



MOST FL is a social norms marketing campaign that addresses the issue of youth drug and alcohol use in our community.

For years, communities have focused their efforts on trying to fix the “problem” of youth drug and alcohol use with modest results. The goal of MOST FL is to focus on what’s RIGHT with our youth and community. By focusing on identifying and changing misperceptions, we can begin to notice the ways in which our own perceptions are skewed.

For example, MOST youth at Forest Lake Area High report making good choices regarding drug and alcohol use. The perception among youth (and many adults), however, is that most youth are drinking alcohol or using drugs. When we challenge this perception with facts, it empowers youth to become part of the majority – they feel less pressure to conform to negative social norms because they know MOST youth are making good choices.

P.O. Box 245
Forest Lake, MN 55025 USA


Lakes Center for Youth and Families

Formerly known as Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau, the Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) serves residents of the Forest Lake Area School District and all of Chisago County.

Created in 1976 to keep first-time youth offenders from re-offending, LC4YF programs evolved as the community grew.  Today, we off afterschool enrichment, leadership & jobs programs, mentoring, counseling and parenting support in addition to intervention services, chemical health education and addiction support for youth ages 10-18.

Our mission is to “Ensure the Success of Youth” by offering programs and services that strengthen a youth’s relationship with those around them and increase a youth’s sense of belonging and worth.

20 North Lake Street, Suite 103
Forest Lake, MN 55025 USA


Children’s Performing Arts

Children’s Performing Arts works with children from the Forest Lake area to help them grow as artists.  Established in 2005, Children’s Performing Arts is a structured theater arts program for elementary aged children (kindergarten through sixth grade), serving over 110 children annually.  Unlike traditional community theaters, all children who register can participate.

Visit for for information on participating in the program, upcoming performances, and to learn more about how you can support Forest Lake Children’s Performing Arts theater program.


P.O. Box 141
Forest Lake, MN 55025 USA


Lakes International Language Academy

Lakes International Language Academy (LILA) offers a tuition-free educational opportunity for Minnesota students that merges Spanish or Mandarin immersion instruction with an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme curriculum for kindergarten through 5th grade. A fee-based preschool for ages 3 and 4, called Kinder Prep, also offers a language-infused learning experience that incorporates introductory immersion experiences and an IB-based curriculum.

LILA’s Upper School provides a unique curriculum with a strong language-acquisition component based on the IB instructional model for 6th through 12th grades. Upper School students are welcome from any district, regardless of their second-language proficiency. Some Upper School students take immersion Spanish or Mandarin courses; others begin their second-language studies at LILA. Most Upper School courses are offered in English and the school’s curriculum meets Minnesota education standards. Like LILA Lower School, LILA Upper School does not charge tuition to Minnesota students.

LILA Lower School, Main Campus

246 11th Avenue Southeast
Forest Lake, MN 55025 


LILA Upper School, Headwaters Campus

19850 Fenway Avenue North
Forest Lake, MN 55025 


LILA Kinder Prep

121 11th Avenue Southeast
Forest Lake, MN 55025 


YMCA Forest Lake

The YMCA Forest Lake features a fitness center, indoor pools, and community programming facilities.



Forest Lake

19845 Forest Road North
Forest Lake, MN 55025 USA


Wildlife Science Center

Wildlife Science Center was founded as a federally funded research facility in 1976, in order to observe and document the physiology and behavior of a captive population of gray wolves. Although the Center no longer receives federal funding, its distinctive research continues. However, since achieving 501(c)(3) status in 1991 it has concentrated its assets and knowledge on educational programming. It offers both on and offsite interactive presentations and overnight camping experiences to Minnesota youth by partnering with school and community-based organizations. Through its research and educational efforts, the WSC’s expertise is often sought by international, national, and regional institutions, regarding the care, handling, breeding, and ecological significance of wolves.

22830 Sunrise Road NE
Stacy, MN 55025 USA



Incorporated in 1971, Rise is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which supports people who have disabilities and other barriers to employment and housing in attaining their personal measure of safe and affordable housing, vocational achievement, self-sufficiency, and belonging in their communities.

Rise is dedicated to building a community which is more accepting of all of its citizens and supports the development of creative partnerships with businesses, government agencies, and the general public to meet this objective.

13265 Sylvan Avenue
Lindstrom, MN 55045