Balanced Life Chiropractic

I have been a part of the chiropractic world since I have been 8 years old.  I thought I was going into a career to help people with back pain because that’s what my dad got help with.  It wasn’t until my 2nd year of chiropractic school that I learned what chiropractic was truly about.  I didn’t know chiropractic could help with ear infections that I suffered with as a baby.  I didn’t know chiropractic could help with my focus issues I had in middle school.  I didn’t know chiropractic could help with my digestive problems in high school or sleep issues in college.  I’ve been around chiropractic my whole life and I didn’t know it could help with the very things I suffered with!  And what I have found in my 10 years of being a chiropractor, is that the general public doesn’t know everything about chiropractic either.  Did you know the brain has to tell your heart to beat, lungs to breath, digest your food, fight your cold and it can only do that through the spinal cord and nerves in your back? Did you know that any type of stress, whether it be from physical activity, poor nutrition, emotional feelings can shift your bones in your back affecting this communication?  Did you know there are scans that are safe for babies and adults that can show us if any nerves in your spine are being affected even if you don’t feel any pain? Did you know pain is the last thing to show up and we can find a problem before the pain even starts? Did you get a lot more no’s than yes’s to these questions?  People are looking for help, they are looking for answers, they are not looking to take another drug.  Patients tell me all the time-I wish I would have found you sooner, or I just didn’t know chiropractic could help.  Neither did I.  That’s why teaching my patients and my community about what chiropractic encompasses is a true passion of mine!  If you have never been to a chiropractor, or have but didn’t have the best experience, or “it didn’t work,” or are skeptical but have an open mind, give us a call, schedule an appointment and let’s see if there is anything chiropractic can help you with.  If I can’t help, I will let you know.  If I can help, I will tell you that too. Finally, what you do with the information is completely up to you! There are no strings attached, no hard sells.  Your health journey will always be your decision and I would love the opportunity to be a part of that journey.  Call when you’re ready.

955 W. Broadway Avenue
Forest Lake, MN 55025 

Forest Lake Smiles

Forest Lake Smiles is your home for family, preventative, and restorative dentistry. Our goal is to provide exceptional care in the most gentle manner possible.  Dr. Jonathan Siverson has over a decade of experience treating patients in the north metro, and is thrilled to help the greater Forest Lake area with their oral health.  We are in-network for most major insurance plans, and have a great team here to assist you. We look forward to meeting you!

1068 Lake Street South, Suite 210
Forest Lake, MN 55025 


Acuworks LLC

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which includes acupuncture, cupping, Gua sha, Tui na, herbal medicine & dietary therapy. 

843 West Broadway Ave, Suite A
Forest Lake, MN 55025 

Crossfit Thousand Lakes

CrossFit Thousand Lakes is a community committed to being positive, passionate and persistent in the pursuit of our health and fitness goals. Our top level coaches lead and encourage our members, that range from teens to retired.

Join us for a free class today or arrange a no sweat intro to our facility.

24078 Greenway Rd
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Free to Soar Chiropractic

Free to Soar Chiropractic is a family and pediatric wellness office. Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire families in a preventative mindset by addressing the root cause of the patient’s current health challenges through neurologically based chiropractic care.  At Free to Soar Chiropractic we are constantly Striving for Optimal health, Adaptation and Restoration!

Meet Chiropractor Dr. Brittany Akehurst

A native of Bloomington, MN, she received her undergraduate degree of Biology from Northern Michigan University. Dr. Brittany worked at 3M in the Critical and Chronic Care solutions division. It was at that point Dr. Brittany realized she desired to serve others on the proactive end of healthcare! She went on to pursue a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN.

While in chiropractic school, Dr. Brittany learned about the body’s ability and potential to heal itself. After being under chiropractic care, Dr. Brittany began seeing changes in her own life such as increased energy levels, improved moods, and stronger immune system! These experiences have shaped Dr. Brittany’s desire to assist people in realizing their true potential in health and break free from their health challenges and allow their body to soar!

Dr. Brittany is constantly striving for excellence. She has traveled around the country to learn the most advanced techniques to best serve the community. Dr. Brittany is a neurologically based chiropractor therefore focusing on the health and function of the nervous system to get to the root cause of health challenges.

Outside of the office, you can find Dr. Brittany relaxing with her family and friends, hiking with her dog, kayaking and spending time at the cabin. Dr. Brittany is beyond excited to serve Forest Lake and surrounding communities!


843 West Broadway Avenue, Suite A
Forest Lake, MN 55025 USA